SPC flooring factory in Thailand, international standard ISO 9001



SPC flooring factory in Thailand, international standard ISO 9001

Advantages of SPC flooring:
1) Waterproof and moisture proof
Since the main component of SPC is stone power, it works well with water. And mildew does not occur when the humidity is high.

2) Flame retardant
According to official data, 95% of victims were burned in fires created by toxic fumes and gases. The fire resistance rating of SPC flooring is NFPA CLASS B. Flame retardant, non-spontaneous combustion. Automatically releases flame in 5 seconds, does not produce harmful gas poisoning.

3) no formaldehyde
DECNO SPC is a high quality stone power and PVC resin. Free from harmful materials such as benzene, formaldehyde, heavy metals.

4) No heavy metals no lead salt
The stabilizer for DECNO SPC is Calcium Zinc. heavy metal, no lead salt

5) Stable dimension
80° heat exposure, 6 hours—shrinkage ≤ 0.1%; Curling ≤ 0.2mm

6) High abrasiveness
SPC flooring has a transparent wear-resistance layer which is more revolutionary and more than 10,000 cycles.

7) Superfine, anti-skid
SPC flooring has a special skid resistance and wear-resistance layer of the floor. Compared to conventional flooring, SPC flooring has higher friction when wet.

SPC flooring factory in Thailand and also rated EcoHome. We produce SPC flooring with high quality 100% virgin material. We have professional R&D and sales department can design according to customer's requirements. And the factory can provide custom production. Provide one-stop service from design, manufacture and logistics.

SPC flooring factory in Thailand We supply the best SPC plank flooring with ISO certificate, export qualification. free samples for testing customized service The most competitive price is guaranteed. Any inquiry is warmly welcomed.

SPC (Stone composite floor) is a revolutionary new flooring product. SPC flooring is an upgrade of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) specially designed with "Unilin" click locking system. SPC has many new features not found in the category. Other composite flooring products
SPC flooring stands for Stone composite floor. These engineered luxury vinyl planks are known for their 100% waterproofing with unmatched durability. It uses advanced technology to beautifully mimic natural wood and stone at a lower cost. The SPC's signature hard core is virtually indestructible.

What is SPC Flooring?
SPC flooring is a new innovation of SPC flooring. Its structure is multi-layer UV coating. Wood veneer and SPC rigid core formed by cold pressing.
Wood Veneer SPC Flooring - inherits the classic beauty of real wood and preserves the natural wood texture. make your home fresh and more natural. when people trample The softness to the touch has arrived. It is very suitable for the beauty of consumers and is welcomed by more and more customers.

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