พื้น SPC สี รหัส BRT-17291(copy)(copy)(copy)(copy)


พื้น SPC สี รหัส BRT-17291

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SPC flooring color code BRT-17291

Outstanding features
High hardness and no shrinkage Do not overlap or bend in areas with very high or low temperatures.
The material is waterproof, termite proof and moisture resistant.
Easy to install, can be laid on new floors or laying over the original material to reshape the old house
No formaldehyde, 100% pure stone material.

SPC flooring produced by BRT Intertek Co., Ltd.
We provide consulting services, distribution and installation of floor and wall panels.
with internationally recognized standards, professional
We are ready to deliver the best service and product quality to our customers.

At BRT Intertek Co., Ltd., we have many floor and wall patterns for customers to choose from.
We also use modern production technology and pay attention to every production process to get products.
with a long service life, resistant to all conditions, and most importantly with the quality of every life
like you, so you are confident, safe and friendly to people, animals and the environment as well.

BRT Intertek Co., Ltd. is a standard product. is accepted internationally
Formaldehyle free (Formaldehyde), which is a dangerous substance. odorless cause impact
with the respiratory system and customers' skin, so you can be confident that the air in your home
Safe from toxic substances that harm health Moreover, SPC flooring is 100% waterproof, flame retardant, strong, durable and able to
Stay with your residence for a long time, your whole life.

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